2016 At&t Moon Festival

This fall the Chinatown Merchants Association commission Mido Lee Productions to produce their Moon Festival commercial on KRON 4.

Asian & Pacific Islander Women's Summit "Building Power ~ Setting Sail"

A project commissioned by the Community Health for Asian Americans for The Asian & Pacific Islander Women's Summit at Garfield Elementary School in September 2014. The event brought together thirteen communities and multiple workshops for participants to engage with. This is the first CHAA event documented by Mido Lee Productions. In 2015, Mido Lee continues to collaborate on documentation for CHAA's Celebrate International Women's Day.

Music by Radio Noiseville, Holy Wind / Ambient Samurai, Ichiro Nakagawa, Wind Signal / Aosi, Leaves in the Wind / Henry Herkula, Madchen I'm Wind

© 2014 Community Health for Asian Americans / Mido Lee Productions


WHIHI is an art installation created by artist Elizabeth Cayne. The video imitates an advertisement from one of San Francisco's biggest commercial condo developments, criticizing the housing situation in the Bay Area. Art direction was chosen by the artist and executed by Mido Lee.

© 2014 Elizabeth Cayne / Mido Lee Prodictions

Immersion Heaters, '85 - '87

Project documentation produced for artist Michal Wisniowski. The objective was to show the making and function of DIY water boilers. Art direction combined a joyful element along with the seriousness of the political meaning behind it. For more about the artist please visit michalwisniowski.com.  

Music by Michal Wisniowski

© 2012 Michal Wisniowski / Mido Lee Productions


A short documentary film produced in part with International Caucus of Women's Caucus of Art. The shoot took place in Shenyang, China, April 2014 and it captured the essence of women artists from Half the Sky exhibition. The production involved dual-language process and six month post editing. The video has been shown in 2015 WCA conference in NYC, 2015 Open Engagement in Pittsburgh, and 2016 CAA conference in Washington DC. To know more about the project please visit WCA International Caucus

English and Mandarin with English subtitles.

Music by Liszt, Années de Pèlerinage, Première année «Suisse» - III. Pastorale 01 / Dylan Tinlun Chan, San Lou / Capernaum, Finita La Comedia / Rob Costlow, Contemporary Piano, Baby Girl Part 1, Awakenings

© 2012 WCA International Caucus / Mido Lee Productions

Eating Cultures

AAWAA and Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center (APICC) join forces to present the multidisciplinary art exhibition Eating Cultures for the United States of Asian America Festival throughout May 2014. Mido Lee Productions helped AAWAA to document this event through the month of May with both photo and video. By combining graphic design elements and animation the video captures the art, food, and joy of the audience SOMArts, San Francisco. 

Graphic design by Michelle Lee

Music by Xevi Collado

© 2014 Asian American Women Artists Association / Mido Lee Productions